• Admin, Teacher, Student and Guardian Panel.
  • Admin can set access limitation for each user.
  • Teacher manage students, marks etc.
  • Student can check his/her marks, attendance, notice etc.
  • Guardian can check student attendance, marks, notice etc.
  • Add, edit, delete students from admin easily.
  • View profile of students and also mark sheet of student.
  • Add, edit, delete teacher information from admin.
  • Add, edit, delete guardian information from admin.
  • Add, edit, delete exam name facilitates.
  • Add grading according to your own schools system.
  • Administrator has student migration facilitates in every year etc.

Multiple User Logins

It provide the searching facilities based on various factors. such as school, classes, teachers registration.It tracks all the information of students, courses , teachers etc. manages the information of students. Shows the information and description of the schools, classes.

School Administration

As the smooth functioning of an educational institution is the responsibility of the administration quorum, our school management system is included with enhanced access to the members in the administration panel. In this module they can publish official announcements and notification for teachers, students and parents. This portal can be used to validate the performance and financial growth of the entire academic system. This also lets them to review and manage details of payrolls, library, transportation, examinations.


The major feature of the student module is that it is designed in a way that it prioritizes all the necessary needs of the pupils. They can securely access this portal with their unique log in password to stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations. They can also get notified with exam schedules, disciplinary warnings, fee payment details, library records or any alterations in class systems. To know details on book borrowings from the library or availability of school buses, students just need to access this module.


We realized the need for a specialized access portal for the teachers as they are an integral part in the education system. The Web School ERP, teacher module features the submission of class attendances and progress reports of students. Teachers are provided with passwords to access this portal so as to ensure security.The ERP is designed so as to reduce the stress and efforts of teachers in managing the student records and academic curriculum’s.


With the parent module in Web School ERP System, our clients are ensured by the fulfilled quality of the educational establishment. This feature is made so as to satisfy the important duties of the parents, in monitoring the performance of their children in both the academics and the extra-curricular activities. They can keep following students attendance lists, fee payment details, class schedules, exam timetables, progress reports and all other day-to-day happenings in the school.